With tires, you want a firm grip of the road so you can experience the standout luxury and performance on models here in our Lincoln showroom in Shreveport, LA. That means knowing proper tire care, and one important thing you can do is check tire tread. After many, many miles, the tread on your tires wears down, and that can lessen the grip on the road, and make the tires unsafe to drive. But, there's a simple way to test tread, and determine if you need new tires, and we're going to tell you how, with the penny test.

  • Take a penny and put it in between the tread of your tires with Abraham Lincoln's head going down toward the tread
  • If Lincoln's head disappears, that means your tread is good, and you are fine
  • If you are able to see all of Lincoln's head, that means you are in need or some new tires

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