Here at Rountree Lincoln, we know you want to keep the luxury high in your vehicle, but there are times when you have to transport food and drink, and you know that can lead to a bit of a mess. But, there are ways to get everything efficiently from one place to the other, while also providing added room if you need it, and we'll explain them for you here on the blog.

  • For drinks, if you are on a coffee run for the office, or simply have more drinks than cup holders in your vehicle, using a muffin pan helps you place in up to 12 drinks. Storing it in a laundry basket can also help reduce any potential spills or stains, too
  • With snacks, instead of plastic bags that can get all over the place, we recommend getting a small box organizer, like a plastic bait and tackle box, for example, and place different snacks in different areas so it's all in one place, and can be closed up easily for no spills

Our team would be happy to help you and answer any questions you might have, and set up test drives at your convenience in any Lincoln model.

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