Automatic transmission is the general standard bearer for vehicles like Lincoln, and while we all know what park, neutral, reverse, and drive are, some of us might not know what those lower gears do on our transmission shifter. Well, Rountree Lincoln is going to give you a few things that driving in a lower gear helps with.

  • If you're doing some towing and your vehicle is capable of it, driving in a lower gear is a good idea. Your transmission assumes that it is only carrying the weight of the vehicle itself, so when you add on capacity, you need to make an adjustment, and running in a lower gear ensures the engine will run at a higher RPM to handle the load.
  • When you climb a steep hill in your vehicle, using lower gears is also helpful because in this situation, the gravity is pulling back on the vehicle to make it seem like it is carrying a heavy load, and being in a lower gear adjusts all of that.
  • If you ride down a steep hill, being in a lower gear can save on the brakes so you don't ride the brake all the way down, and wear them. At a lower gear, it essentially slows your vehicle down, and the pistons absorb the power allowing the engine to brake for you in a sense, so you don't have to pump the brakes as much.

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